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Configuration and Usage Details for SDV on Windows
For most, the basic installation page should be enough.  This page is for those who need more details.

In other words, don't read this if everything is working!

D-Star Compatible Hotspot using GMSK Node Adapter setup guide by K6JM

The SDV-Qt application was written to communicate to the user via traditional graphical windows.  This version of SDV is distributed both in executable form with a Windows installer, and in source form, so it can be compiled to any platform supported by Qt, including Intel-architecture Linux.  This page assumes you are using SDV-Qt on Windows.

SDV-Qt is the control interface, managing the Star*DV AMBE device and sending linking and other networking commands to the G4KLX ircDDBGateway program.  So both programs must be running to have QSOs with Hams on reflectors or repeaters.

SDV can also manage a GMSK Modem, but the focus of this page is controlling the Star*DV AMBE 3000 device.

Launching the programs

SDV-Qt Windows for Configuration and Operation


Main tab - this is the prime window for both configuring and operating.


Speaker/Mike audio level (volume) controls

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