* Star*DV * (Out of stock)

* Star*DV * (Out of stock)
The Star*DV is an AMBE 3000 Device with onboard codec. It has the latest AMBE chip plus built in "sound card" which means you can optionally plug in a speaker/mike.

The Star*DV works with the SDV application by Rick KD0OSS. SDV runs on Windows, Desktop Linux or ARM (Raspberry Pi) Linux. On the Pi, it requires an LCD plate with 5 buttons. SDV works either with your speaker/mike or the PC's own sound card and speakers/microphone. On the Pi, most people use a speaker/mike.

The SDV works with G4KLX ircDDBGateway, which can link to DPlus repeaters and reflectors, as well as DExtra/XRF reflectors and DCS reflectors. And it supports seamless and easy to use CCS7 connections over the internet.

SDV also works with a GMSK Modem, so you can have a D-Star Compatible Hotspot for outside or mobile use, and in the shack have QSOs using your PC and the speaker/mike -- no D-Star radio needed.

Want to do HF D-Star? SDV, working with the Star*DV and a GMSK Modem like the Star*Board, when connected to a compatible HF transceiver, supports HF D-Star with easy band switching.

The Star*DV is available in either a white or black case. USB cable is sold separately. It uses a mini USB male connector to the Star*DV. We also carry inexpensive speaker/mikes and already-built LCDs for the Pi.

If you want to use your own LCD with buttons on the Pi, SDV works with the Adafruit LCD kits #1110 (RGB Negative 16x2 + keypad), #1109 (RGB Positive 16x2 + keypad) and #1115 (Blue & White 16x2 + keypad). If you want to use your own speaker/mike, it is compatible with various ICOM radios (not Kenwood) and uses 2 jacks --3.5mm and 2.5mm, spaced 10mm apart.

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