D-STAR Terminal Mode

A How-To Guide for D-STAR Terminal Mode

Quick Links- Terminal Mode that links to Reflectors (REF, XRF etc.)
      * Radios using OPC-2350LU data cable  (ex: 51 Plus2, 3100 Plus, 4100, 5100)
      * Radios using  USB cable (ex: 705, 9700)

When Icom first announced their new Terminal Mode feature in selected new D-STAR radios, fans of D-STAR got curious.  They discovered these new radios could transmit over the internet to D-STAR repeaters, giving people who were out of RF range from a repeater a chance to have fun.

A computer with internet connection is needed, and ICOM made their software available for download.  But people discovered they could not link to reflectors and wished there were another alternative.  G4KLX, author of a popular Open Source suite of D-STAR and digital voice programs, came to the rescue by adding a feature to his DStarRepeater program.   Two years later, PY7LIM, author of BlueDV and Peanut, write Doozie that works with all Terminal Mode-capable radios.  The end result is an easy way for Terminal Mode radios to link to all available reflectors without an expensive Hotspot.

But people had trouble learning about how to do this, and as Admin for the W6CX D-STAR Gateway in Northern California, I got many questions about Terminal Mode.  So I decided to write this guide:

How-to Guide:  D-STAR Terminal Mode Hotspots Made Easy

that includes an overview, plus detailed How-To pages that will allow you to get a Terminal Mode Hotspot up and running quickly.  Enjoy!

(Originally posted Feb 2020)